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Hi, I’m Pastor Steve a second career pastor.  Before going to seminary at age 40, I worked in the building industry for an independent lumberyard as a draftsman, estimator and job supervisor.  Also during those previous years I was a carpenter, a DJ and an actor.  I play the guitar and love to sing.  My wife Hazel and I have been married since 1974 and have 6 children and 5 biological grandchildren and 6 that are “adopted”.

Family, ministry, music and classic VW’s fill my days and I love to connect with people of all ages, I invite you to our faith community in Hitchcock where you will find all sorts of people.  People that are like you and people that are not, but people that will be seeking to grow as Christians and learning how to live in this world.

I would love to meet you and have you join our fellowship and worship with us.

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