Sunday School

Preschool – Kayla Haigh  K-2nd Grade – Jennifer Cole  3rd – 6th Jennifer Hahler

Preschool – 6th grade our using KidsOwn Worship® this program helps us create a fun and powerful children’s church experience. With KidsOwn Worship, we help kids learn to experience God through a weekly Bible Point, fun activities, and engaging worship.

Adult Sunday School – Raymond Wright


The adult class is currently using the Wesley Bible Curriculum. The Wesley Adult Bible Study is written and edited by the Wesleyan Theological Editors Board that includes a team of pastors, scholars, and experienced Bible teachers. The studies maintain a thoroughly Wesleyan-Arminian approach to biblical interpretation and Christian living, emphasizing the reality that we can become holy as God is holy. Practical application of biblical truth leading to life-transformation is the hallmark of the Wesley Adult Bible Curriculum.

Please come join us.

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